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Aluminum Exteriors

How we distinguish our product

Aabco's shutters are manufactured in Boynton Beach by professionals trained to build exterior shutters with the keenest attention to detail. The Aabco installation crews, led by State Licensed Specialty Structure Contractor, Mike Hoffman, are trained to install hurricane protection that will cater to the ease of operation in order to prevent customer distress while operating our products.


We choose to provide aluminum decorative shutters to utilize a durable and appealing product featuring a fade and corrosion-resistant powder-coat finished.

The Aabco coverings installation crew delicately works to create your exterior addition to work seamlessly with your home or business. From carports to pool cages, customers can rely on Aabco to build their aluminum addition beyond Florida building code to leave behind an enduring structure.


Do I really need Shutters?


One of the most common thoughts running through the mind of a homeowner, tenant, bussiness owner or anyone else who might have invested in a property: "Do I really need to put shutters there?" When facing storms that can destroy your property, every glass opening should be protected by Aabco's cutting-edge aluminum shutters. Do not settle for shoddy imitations, Aabco Storm Shutter Manufacturing Inc. carries the heartiest shutters that will provide you with the leading protection and will out-last anything Mother Nature can muster.

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